Most of our released material can be listened to on our Bandcamp page.

Below is a compilation track and an early cover we recorded.

Stop…Hey…What’s That Sound? Robot Farts:
2009 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document
CDR comp
The Pay-Off (2.82 MB)::
::recorded/mixed: January, 2003-May, 2004
unreleased Warsaw (lyrics/music by Joy Division) (3.74 MB)::
::recorded/mixed: December, 2000-June, 2001

Review of previous version of this page:
"Here’s a case of what a good cover song should be. Check out the sounds page of 15 Degrees Below Zero, and download their cover of Joy Division’s 'Warsaw'.
Too many bands doing covers are just apeing the style of the band they wish they were. Or borrowing a hit song because they can’t write that well themselves. Neither is true in this case.
15DBZ actually bring something new to the song. They’ve taken a punk blast of anger, and turned it to a beautifully melancholy dirge. There’s some nice ear candy going on here too. Their new arrangement plus the soft guitar and icy vocals is what makes this great.
The other tracks are interesting in comparison. The other 15DBZ MP3s are all ambient. No attempts at songwriting or traditional structure. I liked the crunchy 'Waiting for Laraine', but in a completely different way from their 'Warsaw' cover.
Personally, I think it would be interesting to get these guys writing actual songs. They did a good job with 'Warsaw'… hell, write different lyrics and change the bassline and it could be its own song.
The tracks from their previous band, Imperial Floral Assault Unit are mostly improvisational ambient. I didn’t think much of them, honestly. These sound like directionless ambient jams to my ear. The exception to this is 'Wise Choices For Ignorant Barbarians' which is a more electronic beat-oriented track that’s worth a download."